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How to Get Slime Rancher 2’s Dash Boots?


Get Slime Rancher 2’s Dash Boots: The Slime Rancher franchise is renowned for various things, including its gorgeous, colorful settings and the enormous array of Slimes that may be bred and raised. However, the game’s fantastic traversal is a straightforward feature to ignore.

Although they can’t access every part of the world at first, players can quickly increase traversability by equipping upgrades like the Dash Boots.

Beatrix’s equipment can be upgraded with various materials, including Slime Plorts, Newbucks, and other things you’ll find throughout the game.

Since upgrading in Slime Rancher 2 is possible at a laboratory within the player’s home base, The Conservatory, players can get a head start on crafting upgrades like the Dash Boots.

 Get Slime Rancher 2’s Dash Boots

In Slime Rancher 2, Beatrix LeBeau doesn’t have to look very long to find The Lab. Players should turn toward the Plort Market on the rear wall of The Conservatory’s beginning location. Once there, turn left and descend some stairs; this will take you right into The Lab.

Where to find resources to enhance equipment

In Slime Rancher 2, the method for creating and improving equipment is similar to that of the first game. Finding the Fabricator in The Lab is the first step for players who want to upgrade their gear.

Players will find the list of materials required for each craftable item in this method, which serves as the foundation for all crafting.

What ingredients required to make the upgrade for the Dash Boots?

The Dash Boots are functional and simplify traversal. Fortunately, the list of items required isn’t that long. The following materials need to make the Dash Boots:

450 New dollars

10 Boom Pliers

Players can go back to The Lab after creating the essential Dash Boots to upgrade it and improve traversability even more.


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