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How to get rubies in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Get rubies in Disney Dreamlight Valley: You may utilize the resources you uncover in Disney Dreamlight Valley to create various furniture pieces that will freshen up your house and the valley. Gems are one of the several resources that may discover.

These priceless things may utilize to make crafts, distributed to locals, or sold for a profit. Rubies are one of the various gemstones you may get.

Reading this article, you may learn how to get rubies in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Rubies locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will undoubtedly meet Rubies if you complete the various resident quests and discover the Dream Castle’s hidden entrance. The only drawback is that you couldn’t get them until the Scar’s Kingdom upgrade published.

Both Rubies and Sapphires introduce to the game with this release. Both of these gemstones are found in the Vitalys Mine.

The Sunlit Plateau biome’s Vitaly Mine is there, and it debuted with the Scar update. However, before reaching the minimum, you must spend the 7,000 dreamlight necessary to clear the Night Thorns if you haven’t unlocked the Sunlit Plateau.

The mine’s entrance may be found at the end of the river on the cliffside if you gain access to the biome.

Enter the entrance to reach the mine. Find the rock spots within and split them with your pickaxe to get to the jewels inside. Rubies may sometimes find at every rock spot in the mine.

You may raise the likelihood by bringing a resident who has given the mining duty with you. Then, if red gems protrude from the Rock Spot, you will locate a Ruby.


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