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How to get Golden Gliding License in Genshin Impact

Get Golden Gliding License in Genshin Impact

Get Golden Gliding License in Genshin Impact: It may be entertaining to look for accomplishments and collect a few additional Primogems when you have almost enough for a ten-pull. However, there are several relatively simple accomplishments that, when redeemed, give you five to 10 Primogems.

Golden Gliding License is one of these accomplishments, which cryptically instructs you to “Glide a great, long distance in one go.” Here’s a guide on how to complete Genshin Impact‘s Golden Gliding License accomplishment.

How to complete the Genshin Impact secret accomplishment for the Golden Gliding License

To complete this accomplishment, go to the Starsnatch Cliff’s tip and turn your gaze eastward. A distant island that is not shown on the map exists. You are aiming for this.

The achievement’s distance requirement satisfy by gliding to this island, although it requires careful stamina management.

You may save some stamina by placing Amber, Collie, or Venti in your active party. Your need for gliding stamina will reduce by 20% due to these characters, making it simpler to glide across extended distances.

Alternately, adding two Anemo characters will result in a 15% reduction in the stamina use of your squad as a whole. Finally, if all else fails, you may eat some Delicious Minty Meat Rolls. Which for 900 seconds reduces your team’s stamina consumption when gliding and sprinting by 25%.

Using these stamina-conserving techniques, you may start your glider flight to this secret island. Starsnatch Cliff’s point is where you should jump from to glide across to the far island.

Northern smoked chicken and Five Pickled Treasures boost stamina. Amber should help you reach the hidden island and get the Golden Gliding License.

Some Delicious Minty Meat Rolls, two Anemo characters, and some emergency stamina food.



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