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How to get FGS Swap Tokens in FIFA 23


Get FGS Swap Tokens in FIFA 23: FGS Swap Tokens are a unique in-game currency in FIFA 23 that can use to purchase expensive packs in the Ultimate Team mode (FUT). The full name of the EA Sports FIFA 23 Global Series is FGS or FIFA Global Series.

This is essentially the umbrella term for the many official FIFA contests managed by EA Sports. By watching these competitions, you may earn FGS Swap Tokens.

What is the value of FGS swaps?

In the Ultimate Team mode’s Swaps menu, unique Token Booth Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) may be completed to swap FGS Swap Tokens. The bundle you get improves with each Token your trade in:

FGS Swap TokensRewardValue
1Premium Gold Pack7,500 Coins
2Premium Gold Players Pack25,000 Coins
3Prime Gold Players Pack45,000 Coins
4Jumbo Rare Players Pack100,000 Coins


Get FGS Swap Tokens in FIFA 23

The EA Sports Cup, which takes place every Monday from October 17, 2022, until December 5, 2022, and then on January 16, January 18, and January 21, 2023, is the first Global Series competition to provide FGS Swaps.

Linking your EA and Twitch accounts is required before you can start watching one of the official Global Series Twitch broadcasts for at least an hour (60 minutes).

You then need to use Twitch’s Drops system to receive your prize. Then, after 24 hours, your FGS Swap Token should appear in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team mode.

You can earn FGS Swaps by viewing an hour-long official YouTube broadcast, but you’ll need to connect your EA and YouTube accounts.

By doing this via the Connected Apps settings on YouTube, the FGS Token should immediately appear in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team 4 hours after you’ve watched the broadcast for at least an hour.


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