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How to get Ariel to walk in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Get Ariel to walk in Disney Dreamlight Valley: By fulfilling objectives that advance the story of the many people as you go across Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will assist them. For example, giving Ariel legs so she can walk on land with Prince Eric is one of the game’s most demanding challenges once you unlock Ariel and Eric.

It will need a lot of work and magic on your side to complete this mission, which is not easy. Here’s how to get Ariel to start moving throughout Disney Dreamlight Valley.

A quest map for His World in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It may take some time, but Prince Eric will eventually unlock after you assist Ursula and join the other valley dwellers. Eric wants Ariel to enter his world and interact with the locals as he does after reestablishing contact with her.

Eric will ask for your assistance in the problem, and the first step is for you to gather the following:

  • Five White Patients
  • Five Cleansed Night Shards
  • 1 Vial

They will only be discovered in the Forgotten Lands, beginning with the Inpatients. Next, one Dream Shard and five Night Shards are combined at a crafting table to create the Purified Night Shards.

The total number of Dream Shards and Night Shards needed to construct all the ones required by the quest is five. Last but not least, the Vial is also made on a workbench using three pieces of Glass.

Create the Shapeshifting Enchantment on a crafting table after you have all the necessary components.

Eric will want you to speak with Remy about creating something to bring an ancient Nautilus Shell from deep under the waters once you have given him the Enchantment.

He will also offer you some Fish Gut Oil. You will need the following items to make the dish Remy wants you to create:

  • (4) Garlic
  • 4 onion
  • One leonefish
  • 1 Crab

Go to the Forest of Valor first to get the components. In this biome, Goofy’s Stall sells onions and onion seeds. Continue to forage for garlic on the woodland floor in the Forest of Valor.

In the Forgotten Lands, fishing blue nodes will yield the Lancetfish. Finally, fishing blue nodes in Frosted Heights pays crabs.

To get the Nautilus Bait, bring the components to Remy. Prepare your fishing rod with the bait, then go to Dazzle Beach.

You can catch a Nautilus if you cast your line out where the river and the ocean converge. Likewise, you can receive the Nautilus Pendant if you bring Nautilus to Eric.

Ariel will put on the necklace when you give it to her, changing her tail into a set of legs. Talk to Eric one more to finish the mission.


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