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French police apprehend first-class wig-gang suspects


French police apprehend first-class wig-gang suspects: An accused gang of thieves reportedly stole goods from first-class passengers on French trains valued at €300,000 (£260,000).

After sitting next to people on fast trains traveling across the nation, it is believed that they took their belongings.

One alleged 57-year-old guy wore a wig and pretended to be a woman.

According to French media, he and two other males, ages 47 and 40, have admitted to committing the crimes over five to six years.

They said to have kept stolen items at an apartment in Marseille, a city in the south.

The claimed method of operation included taking things at station breaks when the unaware owners got off the train to take a break and walk around or smoke.

Local media said a traveller reported a €50,000 jewelry-filled luggage missing in April.

Police found a cache of stolen items in the Marseille apartment four months later.

Cash totaling €130,000, a watch worth €70,000, luxury purses, shoes, cameras, and jewelry were among the items.

Local police are looking for passengers targeted on trains between Paris, Geneva, and Nice. This is because they think more than 100 individuals had stuff taken from them.

If found guilty of robbery, the guys may spend up to seven years behind bars.


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