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Free Fire will be present at Sao Paulo Fashion Week


Free Fire will be present at Sao Paulo Fashion Week: Free Fire is the mobile-based survival Battle Royale game. It is also popular for having many beautiful skins available for various game elements ranging from backpacks, fists to weapons and characters.

Free Fire will be the first mobile game to be featured at an international fashion show.

Free Fire, in its attempt to expand its fan base around the world, has partnered with Santander Bank to debut at Sao Paulo Fashion Week starting on November 17, 2021.

Garena will display 20 masks representing the Battle Royale at the event that has been designed by Daniel Ueda and Alexandre Hercovitch, who are big names in the Brazilian fashion industry.

Some of the skins that will fit real-life trends include Sakura, Urban Heart, Angelic Pants, and Hip Hop. The modeling team boasts world-famous Isabeli Fontana and Mary Martellar along with athletes, influencers, and trainers invited by Santander bank.

Free Fire will be present at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

The fashion industry has partnered with games before, as well as a collaboration that is a great way to bring fans into the game and at the same time is a marketing activity for the fashion brand.

The luxury brand Burberry in association with Honor of Kings and Louis Vuitton, League of Legends partnerships are examples of the same.

Free Fire Sao Paulo Fashion Week

However, Free Fire, which is presented at Sao Paulo Fashion Week as part of this collaboration, is the first time that a mobile game will be featured in an international fashion show, making the battle royale more accessible to the world by breaking the digital barrier.

Free Fire will be part of the fashion show that involves an immersive and action-packed presentation using high-definition LED panels, lasers, moving lights, and an exclusive runway.

In addition, to celebrate the event, Garena has also created a special skin that will be available to Banco Santander customers.

The fashion show will air live on November 17, 2021 at 5:30 pm CT on São Paulo Fashion Week. Social media accounts and Free Fire will join the fashion show at 7:30 pm on November 17, 2021.


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