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Food insecurity affects 19 million Afghans


Food insecurity affects 19 million Afghans: On World Food Day, the World Food Program said that about 19 million Afghans don’t know where their next meal comes from.

Kabul’s unemployed told Tolo News on World Food Day that they were worried about not having enough food.

The World Food Program’s February-March poll indicated that 19 million Afghans don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Wahidullah Amani, a spokesperson for WFP Afghanistan, said, “The survey results show that about 19 million, or 18.9 million, people are food insecure and need food aid and humanitarian help.”

According to Abdul Latif Nazari, deputy minister of economy, “we want to draw international humanitarian help, support small and average enterprises, and undertake big economic initiatives to strengthen the infrastructure in Afghanistan.”

Suraya, a breadwinner for her family of seven, stated, “I have seven children. My hubby doesn’t have a job. When I eat breakfast, we worry about our lunch, and when we eat lunch, we worry about our supper.”

Food insecurity affects 19 million Afghans

Tolo News says that many kids have forced to work hard because there are so many poor people.

Beheshti, a juvenile laborer, stated, “I work from 6:00 am till the end of the day. I earn between 20 and 50 Afs. And I am perplexed about what to purchase with that money.”

The National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA), Tolo News.

Other country residents voiced their displeasure at the nation’s rising food costs.

A citizen of Kabul named Arash Sultani stated, “There is no employment or companies currently. For many of those who are working, their pay is minimal.

Those working outside as vendors and other vocations make between 100 and 200 Afs, which is not even enough for meals.

Every year on October 16, the globe celebrates World Food Day to raise awareness of the millions of people who cannot afford a balanced meal and need regular access to wholesome food. The year 2022’s theme is “Leave No One Behind.”

In a year defined by several worldwide issues, including the COVID-19 pandemic, violence, climate change, increasing costs. And international tensions, World Food Day 2022 observed.

All of this impacts global food security. The Food and Agriculture Organization is responsible for the day (FAO).


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