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Florida is devastated by Hurricane Ian


Florida is devastated by Hurricane Ian: Thursday, rescuers utilized boats and helicopters to reach Florida Gulf Coast homeowners stranded by water, downed power lines, and debris from hurricane Ian.

Ian, one of the most powerful storms to strike the US mainland recently, inundated Gulf Coast cities before slicing over the peninsula to the Atlantic shore. More than 2.6 million homes and businesses in Florida, according to local power providers, are still without electricity.

Over 9,00,000 people live in Lee and Charlotte counties, according to Governor Ron DeSantis, who is “essentially off the grid.” Hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday near Cayo Costa with 241 km/h winds.

Ian predict to intensify and make landfall in South Carolina on Friday after dropping to a tropical storm. Instead, as Ian drove saltwater into waterfront houses, the storm turned Florida’s coastline, filled with sandy beaches, coastal villages, and mobile home parks, into a catastrophe area.

President Joe Biden expressed concerns that there might be “significant” numbers of fatalities and cautioned that Ian could wind up being the “deadliest” storm in Florida history. He added that we’re getting stories of what may be a significant loss of life. But the figures are yet unknown.

Additionally, Biden signed a disaster proclamation that made federal aid accessible to the storm-affected counties.

According to DeSantis, two storm-related deaths remain unverified. On Thursday morning, rescue personnel was only beginning to react to calls after unable to leave under the hazardous weather. So it was unknown how many people had died and injured.

By noon, search efforts for relatives and friends had begun in hard-hit regions. And rescuers were progressing toward the thousands of individuals stranded in flooded houses.

Ian relaxed as it moved through Florida, producing powerful winds, copious rain, and storm surge.


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