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Flooding and landslides in Nepal claimed at least 33 lives


Flooding and landslides in Nepal claimed at least 33 lives: According to local media, at least 33 people have perished in landslides and floods in western Nepal during the last week.

According to authorities, the northwestern region of Karnali was slammed particularly hard by the monsoon rains, forcing thousands of citizens to flee.

Avalanches and water have caused damage to hundreds of houses.

At least 22 individuals are still missing throughout the province, and many more have injuries.

Rescuers have reported problems reaching the hilly area due to the persistent rain.

“We have organized the local police force.” In addition, according to a police spokesperson reported by the Annapurna Post, “We have set up a helicopter for air rescue from Surkhet.”

“Unfortunately, progress is not being made as projected owing to the weather not improving.”

The low-lying Kalikot area was where most complaints of missing people originated. In the previous week, thousands of people there force to leave their houses due to severe rain forecasts.

The Karnali River has risen to above 12 meters (39 feet) in several parts of the province, according to Nepal’s emergency officials. Local news reports said that several suspension bridges crossing the river were also destroyed.

Government representatives have sent helicopters carrying relief to the area.

The UN’s humanitarian groups say that food and medicine are sent to western Nepal’s hardest-hit areas.

The monsoon season in Nepal, which typically lasts from June to October, is almost over.

The National Emergency Operation Center says that at least 110 people have died because of rain this year.


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