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Flood Warnings As Heavy Rain Hits Southeast Australia


Flood Warnings As Heavy Rain Hits Southeast Australia: As torrential rains pounded southeast Australia on Thursday, flood warnings issue, tens of thousands of houses lost power, and a man went missing.

New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania’s rivers were rising rapidly after months of above-average rainfall.

Floods forced hundreds of Forbes residents west of Sydney to abandon their homes by Thursday night.

The Lachlan River expect to reach a central flood peak of 10.6 meters (34 feet, 9 inches) on Friday. This caused the State Emergency Service to order 17 streets to evacuate by 8 p.m. (0900 GMT), including the vital downtown area.

On Tuesday, police reported a 63-year-old man missing west of Sydney in Hillston. Last spotted on a remote Lachlan River farm.

Hours after reported missing, emergency personnel have not located him.

A 46-year-old man was discovered dead in his submerged automobile in floodwater in Bathurst, west of Sydney, on Tuesday.

After heavy rain overnight in Victoria, emergency personnel rescued at least five individuals driving through rural water.

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, pleaded with people not to drive or walk into floods.

According to Andrews, who spoke to reporters, “It’s incredibly risky for you, and it’s also quite dangerous for the guy who has to come to save you.”

State Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp says that heavy rain will fall late on Thursday in Melbourne. Victoria’s capital and the second-most-populated city in Australia after Sydney.

Officials have knocking on doors to make sure people near the Maribyrnong River in central Melbourne prepare to flee if required.

A manager of the Rochester Riverside Holiday Park in Rochester, a town north of Melbourne, named Sarah-Jane Gill, claimed she had to evacuate visitors on Thursday because the Campaspe River was rising.

It’s terrifying. You laugh at it all, but we’re terrified,” Gill remarked.

The State Control Center, which manages emergencies in Victoria, and Powercor said that 10,000 Victoria homes lost electricity for one night, and hundreds still do.

Following overnight rain, 90 properties in Railton, in northern Tasmania, were in danger of flooding.

The State Emergency Service advised locals to be ready to leave Railton in case of an emergency alert.

With heavy rain predicted to last until Friday morning, the state’s northern half was on high alert for flash floods.

Leon Smith, head of the State Emergency Service, said flood peaks in northern Tasmania might approach record highs last seen in 2016 when three people perished in floods.

Smith said that what we’re seeing is a very fluid situation, but flooding will happen and have a significant effect.


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