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How to fix Fortnite login problems on Xbox and in the cloud


Fix Fortnite login problems on Xbox and in the cloud: Every time you attempt to enter the game of Fortnite, you could run into a few glitches. You can send back to the lobby if this occurs during the login page or when you’re in the middle of a game.

It never feels good, notably when you’re winning many games. Unfortunately, for Xbox and Fortnite users utilizing the cloud gaming services, there are some glitches, and some players have experienced troubles on the PC.

What is known about the Fortnite Xbox and Cloud Gaming login issues?

What login problems are Xbox One Fortnite gamers and Cloud Gaming users experiencing?

When someone tries to enter the game, there are now some problems, according to the Fortnite Status website. Players who are seeing the tweet are also reporting issues for PlayStation and PC users, indicating that there is now a more general problem.

We are currently in the dark about Fortnite‘s current situation. However, our best estimate is that there is a little snag with the servers, and it is now up to the Epic Games team to resolve it.

If they do, it can take a while for the servers to come back up, but they will. Unfortunately, we don’t think you can do anything to speed up the issues, as this affects many gamers.

Players’ only option is to wait for Fortnite’s servers to come back up.

This problem, in our opinion, won’t persist for very long. You may need to exit the Fortnite launcher and re-enter the game when Epic Games returns the login screen.

We don’t have any further information, so it would be wise to leave the game for now until things settle down.


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