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How to find Strongholds of Criminals in Gotham Knights


Find Strongholds of Criminals in Gotham Knights: All around Gotham, there are criminal strongholds. The several factions take advantage of these people to live in the city, where they strategize before carrying out their plans, or they may utilize it as a place to conceal an ally.

Finding them is difficult since they are in secret places. However, the following information will help you locate criminal strongholds in Gotham Knights.

Find Strongholds of Criminals in Gotham Knights

One of the most excellent methods to locate a criminal stronghold is to finish a crime scene. This one is one of the various Premediated Crimes you might have displayed on your Gotham City map.

Any four Gotham Knights characters may finish them, and it happens similarly. To piece together where the offender went, you must first thoroughly examine a crime scene.

Since your suspect fled there after performing the crime, there is usually a Criminal Stronghold after these crime scenes that must clear away.

Like the other crimes across Gotham, they feature several opponents, and you must eliminate each. You may win a few additional prizes if you complete specific tasks. But they differ for each premeditated crime in Gotham Knights.

Finding a criminal stronghold with an average or above difficulty level is one of the Penguin’s tasks in clearing it out. To complete this challenge, you have to find a crime scene that is just as hard.

Alternatively, we might advance Mr. Freeze’s Case File by removing the Regulator’s Criminal Stronghold, fulfilling Penguin’s challenge.

Before returning to the Belfry, if you don’t have any crime scenes marked on your map, you could ask any local informants to find out what they’re planning or get enough information. While on nightly patrol, there’s a potential that a crime scene may show up, although it’s unlikely.


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