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How to Find Pumpkins in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Find Pumpkins in Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Disney Dreamlight Valley is stocked with various supplies that you may use to prepare meals for you and the valley’s inhabitants. The locals often ask that you collect these materials to finish missions.

Many of these substances are pretty simple to locate, but others might well disguised. For example, one ingredient you could have trouble finding is pumpkins.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, this guide will show you where to find pumpkins.

Pumpkin locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Each ingredient in Disney Dreamlight Valley prefers specific biomes to grow or manifest. For example, Sugarcane is unique to the Dazzle Beach biome.

Fortunately, if you get the necessary seeds, you may plant them in any of the biomes, and they will thrive. However, you must enable the Dreamlight Valley biome known as the Forgotten Lands to get Pumpkins.

These details are shown in the collections menu found under the ingredients tab.

You will need a significant amount of Dreamlight to enter the Forgotten Lands. For example, the Sunlit Plateau must first unlock with 7,000 Dreamlight since the Forgotten Lands lie on the other side of it.

As a result, you must do this before you may enter the Sunlit Plateau. You will need to pay an additional 15,000 Dreamlight to activate the Forgotten Lands.

By fulfilling jobs and missions throughout the valley, you can quickly collect Dreamlight.

Unlocking Goofy’s Stall require if you have gained entry to the Forgotten Lands biome. By interacting with the Scrooge McDuck sign and paying the attached cost, you may open a little store owned by Goofy in each biome.

For 275 Star Coins apiece, you may purchase pumpkin seeds in this biome by opening Goofy’s Stall. If you upgrade the stall, you may buy entire pumpkins for 996-star coins.


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