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What to Find in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Onions


Find in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Onions: Ingredients for Disney Dreamlight Valley may be purchased in various stores or collected from natural harvests. Unfortunately, onions are one of the few goods that can only come from a particular region.

We’ll describe the many dishes you may make using onions in this guide and where to locate them in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Where to Find Onions

After customers have used Star Coins to enhance Goofy’s Stall in the Forest of Valor, onions may purchase there. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, when you’ve improved the character’s stall, you may buy seeds for 50 Star Coins or a whole plant for 225 Star Coins.

Onions may expect to grow after about an hour since they are more affordable when purchased as seeds. But when the time comes, be sure to water them since you won’t be able to harvest them if they are already brown.

Additionally, if you lack the finances to update Goofy’s Stall properly, you may experiment with the ingredients at Remy’s Realm to manufacture brand-new meals.

After leaving Remy’s territory, players’ ingredients and meals would disappear. Thus, you cannot use these items for missions or presents throughout the rest of Dreamlight Valley.

Players may prepare top-notch dishes like Arendellian Pickled Herring, Ratatouille, and Potato Leek Soup if they get onions from the store or garden. Additionally, numerous characters may request meals with this ingredient when participating in various tasks or dining at Remy’s restaurant.

That concludes our description of the locations of onions in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, before you go, you may read more about the game by clicking on the pertinent links below or by reading our article about where to find seaweed.


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