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How to find and beat Beta Mouse Ben in Tower of Fantasy


Find and beat Beta Mouse Ben in Tower of Fantasy: Getting every achievement in Tower of Fantasy might be challenging, especially when you have to beat certain types of enemies.

Beta Mouse Ben is one such challenging foe. Beta Mouse Ben is simple to win, but locating him is the actual struggle.

Discover where Beta Mouse Ben is and how to fight him in this Tower of Fantasy guide.

Find and beat Beta Mouse Ben in Tower of Fantasy

There is a way to find Beta Mouse Ben between the coasts of Banges and the Banges Omnium Tower. He is wandering the street; follow him a few times by going back and forth.

It would help if you went to Banges and Space Rift: Signal Station Ruins to find him. Following that, you can walk to the road from the Space Rift.

A Hyena soldier is operating the enormous robot known as Beta Mouse Ben. His distinctive look makes him difficult to miss. However, you’ll need to engage him in combat once you discover him.

overcoming Beta Mouse Ben

One of Tower of Fantasy’s strongest familiar foes is Beta Mouse Ben. However, his strikes must avoid since even one may severely deplete your health.

You can escape all his assaults since they are all sluggish and straightforward to read. You may even strive to dodge perfectly, so he takes more damage in slow motion.

Frozen weapons can also hurt beta Mouse Ben, so you can use them to do even more damage. However, avoid using weapons of the grievous kind on him since he is immune to them.

A pop-up will appear once you eliminate Beta Mouse Ben, stating that you now own the accomplishment. You may collect the achievement prizes by visiting the terminal in the pause menu.


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