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F1 team Red Bull receive a $7m fine & 10% aero research reduction


Red Bull has been hit with a $7m (£6.07m) fine and a 10% reduction in permitted aerodynamic research for breaking Formula 1’s budget cap.

According to governing body, the FIA, Red Bull overspent by £1.86 million in 2021.

Their monetary penalty does not include a decrease in their allowed spending for the next year when the budget ceiling is $135 million.

The 10% reduction is in the time they can spend utilizing computational fluid dynamics or their wind tunnel to develop their automobile.

“We have been given a large financial and sporting punishment,” Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said. “Seven million dollars is a massive sum of money, but the most severe element is the sporting penalty, which is a 10% restriction in our ability to utilize our wind tunnel and aerodynamic equipment.

“That is a significant sum. That is equivalent to 0.25 to 0.5 seconds of lap time. It goes into effect immediately, lasts for a year, and will affect how our 2023 automobile is developed.”

Red Bull admitted their error and went into an alleged “accepted breach agreement” with the FIA before being penalized.

“Why did we consent to it? We decided that it would be best to put the matter to rest. Despite our reluctance, we agree to the penalties “Horner threw in.

According to Horner, Max Verstappen’s 2021 championship would “absolutely not” be tarnished.

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According to him, Verstappen “was a tremendously worthy winner,” Laura Scott of BBC Sport said. He accomplished his goal by winning the race in the year’s last Grand Prix, consigning 2021 to the annals of history. Regardless of inevitable political support on either side.

Although many other teams did, Horner acknowledged that Red Bull missed the chance to test the cost ceiling in 2020.

He claimed that they used their intermediate submission from April 2021 as a “dry run” and that the FIA had not provided any comments.

When Verstappen won his first championship in 2021, the FIA had only said that Red Bull had engaged in a “small” infraction, defined as anything up to 5% of the cap, or $7.25m, without providing any other information.

The team had “inaccurately omitted and/or modified expenditures amounting to a total of £5,607,000,” according to a statement from the FIA outlining Red Bull’s mistakes.

The team overspent £1,864,000 concerning the necessary expenditures determined by the FIA.

This results in an adjusted overrun of 1.6% and an understatement of accounts of about 5%.

A total of 13 instances of non-compliance were identified, including an underestimate of fixed expenses and expenditures associated with their new power-unit company, as well as charges for catering, social security, apprenticeships, inventory (unused components), and non-F1 activities.

Within the next 30 days, the fine must be paid.

According to the FIA, Red Bull would have only exceeded the maximum by £432,652 had it treated a notional tax credit correctly.

Horner noted that because of the “0.37% overrun,” the “10% decrease is quite severe.”

The FIA’s statement continued, “There is no allegation or proof that Red Bull Racing has ever attempted to behave in bad faith, dishonestly or fraudulently, nor has it knowingly withheld any material from the Cost Cap Administration.


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