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Erika Costell Net Worth 2022 – Income, Wealth, Boyfriend Phone Number, Career & More.


What is Erika Costell Net Worth? Erika Costell’s net worth will be around $3 Million in 2022. 

Erika Costell, who goes by the name Erika, is a well-known American model, YouTuber, and other things. She was raised in Toledo, Ohio, and lives in California.

However, she is growing her wealth very fast.

Erika Costell Net Worth

Net Worth$3 Million
Date of birthNovember 12, 1992
Place of birthToledo, Ohio, United States
Source of WealthModel, Instagram star, and social media influencer


Who is Erika Costell?

Erika Costell is a model, Instagram celebrity, and social media influencer from the United States. But, regarding the most attractive model in the United States, she is at the top of the list.

Erika Costell is also a well-known vocalist who has worked on several songs like ‘Not Her, Karma, Chitty Bang, and others.

Erika Costell got linked with “Team 10,” an influencer marketing management business, and she rose to prominence. She is well-known on social media platforms such as Instagram, with over 3.4 million followers.

Erika has shot for various high-end publications all around the globe.

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Early Life

In Toledo, Ohio, USA, Erika Michaelann Costell was born on November 12, 1992. As of 2022, she is 29 years old. She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in business administration.

Denis Costell is Erika Costell’s father, and Angel Costell is her mother. Erika has 12 siblings and was brought up in a Christian home.

Regarding Erika Costell’s lover, one of the well-known American YouTubers, Jake Paul, was their partner. Later, they ended their romance. But, aside from that, Erika Costell has a stunning body and a lovely figure.

She weighs 55 kg and stands at the height of 5′ 7″. ( 121 Lbs). Erika also has the tattoo “fear stops where trust starts” on the left side of her body.


She worked as a cheerleader for 11 years while still in school, and at the age of 16, she began a professional modeling career. The first indication of Erika with “DAN Talent Group Inc.”

She joined Jake Paul’s Team 10 as the first employee after receiving her diploma (2015). Erika Costell launched her YouTube page in 2017 and began uploading responses and music videos, marking the pivotal year in her career.

She gained a ton of popularity around the nation, and Erika Costell’s YouTube channel quickly surpassed 1 million followers. A million subscribers are impressive, but a million subscribers overnight are unimaginable, so it was a significant accomplishment for her.

Erika Costell’s YouTube channel now has 4.2 million followers as of (2022). She also co-wrote a tune with Paul that appeared on the Canadian Hot 100 and the Billboard Hot 100.

At the Teen Choice Awards, Erika has named the best music web star in 2018.

How did Erika Costell make his money?

Andrea Costell A person’s net worth will be $3 million in 2022. She is an American social media influencer and Instagram celebrity.

Regarding attractiveness, she is among the best models in the country. Another well-known vocalist, Erika Costell, has contributed to songs like “Not Her,” “Karma,” “Chitty Bang,” and many more.

When Erika Costell joined “Team 10,” a corporation that manages influencer marketing, the public took notice.

She has a large following on social media platforms like Instagram, with over 3.4 million users. In addition, Erika has provided images for various premier publications worldwide.

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What is Erika Costell Net Worth in 2022?

According to the news, Erika Costell’s anticipated net worth in 2022 is $ 3 million. She is one of the most well-known young social media stars and models.

She rose to stardom by sharing pictures with motivational remarks. Erika aspired to be a supermodel, and it seems she will be among the best models next year.

The monthly salary of Erika Costell exceeds $25,000.
Her primary sources of income include modeling, television advertisements, brand endorsements, and social media platforms like Instagram.

The model has ambitious intentions to star in Hollywood films, and over the last several years, her net worth and fan base have been growing steadily. The yearly salary of Erika Costell exceeds $300,000. She also earns a lot of money from her massively popular YouTube channel.

Erika Costell Boyfriend

Costell is presently unmarried and single. However, she was formerly involved with Jake Paul.

They started working together on her YouTube and music videos in 2017, and after a few months, they started dating.

They were a boyfriend and girlfriend for approximately a year until calling it quits in 2018. On November 7, 2018, Jake posted on Twitter that they were divorcing.

In addition, she doesn’t talk about her previous relationships or love life. Because of her timid personality, we cannot provide any information on her prior relationships.

Erika Costell Phone Number

Unfortunately, she did not share her phone number with the public. However, she is very active on social media platforms. So you can contact her through social media and become her friend.

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