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How to emote in Overwatch 2


Emote in Overwatch 2: In Overwatch 2, emotes don’t necessarily help you win, but they are entertaining ways to show your character’s personality outside of the typical spoken lines and exchanges.

If you grasp the game’s play, there are also excellent options to put on a small show. Here are the Overwatch 2 emote instructions.

Overwatch 2 emoting techniques

Emotes in Overwatch 2 is pretty easy to master. First, activate the communication wheel, then choose the remote option.

You may accomplish this by default by pressing and holding the C key on the keyboard or the d-pad on the controller. You can change the controls for emotes at any time by going to the Controls section of the Options menu.

To make an emote, you can either change the options on the communication wheel or set up a direct input.

Every character has a heroic emote given to them by default, a general attitude they adopt. You can change them in your Hero Gallery even if they are uninteresting.

Go to the Emote section after selecting the hero you wish to modify. Emotes must be purchased for 500 Legacy Credits or Overwatch Coins if you don’t already have them.

Although each hero has unique emotes from other heroes, there are several common elements. Every hero, for instance, has the emotion of sitting and laughing.

A dance emote was also given to them during the anniversary event. In addition, other activities and battle passes provide additional emotes.

Make sure there are no adversaries around before performing an in-game emote. Except for dancing or sitting emotes, you are confined to it until it is finished once you start it.

Some emotes linger a lot longer than others, such as the Sipping emote from Junkrat, which makes you a target for the other team.


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