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How do egg moves in Pokémon?


Egg moves in Pokémon: The only moves a Pokémon can learn by leveling up and any TM moves they can learn make up their entire possible move set under normal conditions.

This mechanism use in the Pokémon series to prevent a Pokémon from learning mighty moves that a rival trainer wouldn’t anticipate. Such as a Charizard having a strong grass move like Giga Drain to offset its water weakness.

However, using an Egg Techniques feature, you may alter your Pokémon’s moves to meet your battle requirements better.

How Pokémon’s Egg Moves function

When a Pokémon emerges from its egg, it is offered an assortment of moves called “Egg Moves.” An Egg Move is distinct in that the infant receives an activity exclusive to the egg’s parents rather than one accessible to that species of Pokémon.

This permits the cross-species breeding of a specific Pokémon, resulting in a move pool that, in principle, comprises each of the parents’ moves.

In the past, only the father could teach the kid an Egg Move, but after Pokémon X and Y, both parents may now teach the child an Egg Move.

This implies that a young Pokémon has a chance to roll two of its parents’ eight moves at level one, with a 1/16 chance to be born with any combination of two moves in current games, except the most recent release, Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Any move that either parent can learn via a TM or HM, as long as they both actively know the movement, has the potential to be an original Egg Move.

How do egg moves in Pokémon

The greater variety of potential Egg Moves that a kid may make restricted to the Egg Group(s) of its parents for practically all combinations of prospective parents. Only Pokémon belonging to the same Egg Group—most readily distinguished by body form or shape—can carry eggs because of how interbreeding works in Pokémon video games.

Pokémon having two Egg Groups, like Gardevoir, who can hatch with an Egg Move from the Amorphous Egg Group and pass it on to a kid in the Human-Like Egg Group, are an exception to these restrictions.

However, Smeargle circumvents almost all restrictions imposed on the creation of Egg Moves. The single move available to Smeargle is Sketch, which, when bred as an Egg Move, chooses one of the hundreds of potential Pokémon moves at random to pass on to the offspring.

A Smeargle father could give a Bidoof offspring anything from Flamethrower to Hyper Beam, depending on random number generation and the number of eggs that hatch while mating inside its own Field Egg Group.


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