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How to Earn Competitive Points in Overwatch 2


Earn Competitive Points in Overwatch 2: Several tiny modifications to Overwatch 2 make it notably different from the first game for individuals who want to enter into competitive Overwatch games.

For example, fewer shields are forming, less overhealing, and fewer chances for the other side to use CC abilities against you or essential team members. 

Players in this phase will often see Competitive Points appearing. What you need to know about Competitive Points and how to spend them in Overwatch 2 is detailed below.

How to use Overwatch 2’s competitive points

Overwatch 2 players that win in competitive matches are given Competitive Points (CP). Everyone on your team wins 10 CP if you win a game in competitive mode, but only three CP if the match ends in a tie between your team and the other side. 

The primary strategy to grind out these points is to win since the losing team will not gain any CP.

You may get CP based on your rank in competitive mode and winning in that mode. Your ranking will change depending on how you queue up for the games in Overwatch 2’s competitive mode. 

For instance, you may have a Tank rating of Silver, a Damage character ranking of Diamond, and a Support character score of Platinum. Additionally, you may get a competitive rating by joining the Open Queue, which allows you to choose one of the three roles before you begin a game.

After each Overwatch 2 season, here are all the competitive rankings and the CP amounts associated with each rank.

  • Silver: 65 CP
  • Gold: 125 CP
  • Silver: 250 CP
  • Silver: 500 CP
  • 750 CP for diamond
  • 1,200 CP for a master
  • 1,750 CP for Grandmaster

You have the most amount of CP even though you may routinely acquire it by playing competitive games, succeeding and moving up the rankings in Overwatch 2, and finishing the season with better ranking awards. 

However, these cannot applied to every retail item or cosmetic skin. Instead, you may purchase Gold Weapon skins for your preferred heroes with them. Any Overwatch 2 hero must pay 3,000 CP to get them.


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