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Donald Trump Urges Brazilians to vote him in for another term


Donald Trump, a former US president, praised Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, on Friday and urged Brazilians to re-elect him.

Elect President JAIR BOLSONARO; he won’t let you down! Trump posted something on his Truth Social website.

Trump referred to Sunday’s second-round vote as a “great day for Brazil.”

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Bolsonaro’s rival, came under fire from him, who he referred to as “a Radical Left Lunatic who would swiftly ruin your Country.”

Trump promoted Bolsonaro’s reelection for the second time in the position, calling him “a tremendous guy, one of the finest presidents of any nation in the world” before the first-round vote on October 2.

The Trump of the Tropics has been used to describe Bolsonaro. The former military officer’s brazen demeanor and contempt for the media mirror the previous US president’s attitude.

Instead of using his nickname, “Lula,” Trump mocked Bolsonaro’s opponent by calling her “Lulu.”

In the Sunday runoff, polls indicate that Lula has a slight advantage, although Bolsonaro shocked polling companies by outperforming expectations in the first round on October 2.

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Bolsonaro has claimed without proof that the election may have been compromised by fraud and has warned that if he loses, he may reject the results, taking a page from Trump.

Despite keeping a more significant distance from Bolsonaro, President Joe Biden met with him in June at a regional gathering in Los Angeles and avoided outright condemnation.

Ned Price, a spokesman for the State Department, said that the first round demonstrated the integrity of the Brazilian democratic system when asked about the election and the possibility that Bolsonaro might refuse to concede the loss.

According to Price, who spoke to reporters, “its democratic institutions serve as an example for countries in the region and the globe.”

When Brazil completes this second round in the next few days, “we have every expectation and trust that the same will be true,” he added.

After Bolsonaro enraged environmentalists by supporting agriculture in Amazon, which is essential in reducing the planet’s carbon emissions, a new Lula government is expected to be more in line with Biden on the need for global action on climate change.


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