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Donald Trump: America is ‘like a third world country’ as stores ‘have no bread’


Donald Trump: America is ‘like a third world country’ as stores ‘have no bread’.

Former President Donald Trump has compared the US to a third-world country, claiming that grocery stores are not selling bread and other stores are not stocked amid supply chain shortages under his successor Joe Biden.

Trump made the comparison when asked on the right-wing network Real America’s Voice what he would “rank” among the issues facing the country if he were to run for president and win in 2024.

‘These things, which we would never have been talking about, I’ll give you an example. supply chain,” Trump said in the Tuesday night interview.

‘You go to a store, you have no bread. We are like a third-world country. They don’t have stuff. You’re going to buy something at Tiffany, you’re going to buy something at a hardware store, high, low, they have no product.

Trump appeared to be referring to luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co.

The former president continued: ‘They say, even me, when I order things, like furniture, for a building or something like that, they say it’s going to take nine months to get it. It used to be like, same-day service.

‘Supply chain: we don’t even hear the term. It wasn’t like the system was working.

Trump concluded that “the system is totally broken” under Biden.

“Our system is broken, we’re going to socialism and we’re going to communism,” Trump said.

Earlier this week, Biden unveiled a $5.8 trillion budget plan for fiscal 2023, allocating hundreds of millions of dollars to address supply chain issues. It proposes $125 million to help give small and midsize manufacturers a more competitive advantage.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the flow of goods, and the war between Russia and Ukraine has economists fearing greater shortages are coming.


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