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Destiny 2 Glitch gives infinite heavy ammo but not easy


Destiny 2 fans encounter a new bug that provides infinite heavy ammo, but activating it requires a specific set of circumstances, with the exception of the Titans.

Maintaining a stock of heavy ammunition and even stronger weapons to quickly handle difficult enemies has been an ongoing aspect of Destiny 2Fight from the start.

However, some players have found a way around the need to carefully maintain ammo by giving them endless use of heavy and special weapons, including some of Destiny 2best exotics.

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An animation bug linked to relics is the culprit, although this exploit doesn’t seem to work on all relics in Destiny 2, which means that it might be difficult for some players to be able to activate the glitch during some activities like Crucible.

That said, it would appear that the Titans specifically have a way to activate the glitch at any time, and can even provide infinite ammo to the rest of their fire team.

To activate the glitch, players need to watch YouTuber Cheese Forever’s video. They will need to have some ammo in their reserves and collect one of the various relics that bring the players’ view into third-person mode.

By picking up the relic while reloading, the game will reload the magazine without removing any of the reserves, which if done correctly with a rally flag can yield more reserves than the weapon can normally hold.

This will work on various activities that have relics, such as Destiny 2the Last Wish raid, although there are some occasions when the bug is not triggered upon pickup.

However, for areas that lack a working relic for the glitch, Stasis Titans in Destiny 2 can activate unlimited ammo with a diamond spear, created with any stasis kills in some builds. In the case of Diamond Lance, other players can collect this relic as well, meaning the

Titans can essentially act as a constant supply of ammo for their entire fire team or raid party across multiple encounters.

There is still a soft cap on the amount of ammo that can be doubled, based on the individual player’s ability and how many stasis kills the Titan can handle in each encounter, but it provides a considerable amount of heavier usage than is usually intended.

Using this glitch has the potential to break certain activities like raids and attacks, which can be fun for players who have already made it through these encounters multiple times.

However, infinite ammo also has the potential to affect competitive activities such as the Destiny 2PvPvE mode gambit, which spoils the fun for anyone trying to play this kind of multiplayer content.

Therefore, players may want to use this bug sparingly in circumstances that could attract more attention from Bungie and force a fix sooner rather than later.

However, Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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