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Deion Sanders Clowns Boosie Badazz for enrolling in college


Deion Sanders Clowns Boosie Badazz for enrolling in college.

Boosie Badazz recently revealed that she will pursue higher education at Jackson State University Mississippi. Fans were excited about the news of the Baton Rouge rapper’s return to the classroom, but Deion Sanders believes he is lying.

According to Boosie, he’s ready to see what college feels like. He is eager to see “how it feels to walk around campus and talk to girls with a book bag on. I miss that part of my life. ”

Meanwhile, Jackson State University football coach Deion Sanders led his Podcast 21 and Prime to explain why he doesn’t think Boosie will enroll in school next year.

“You are talking about a very clever young man with life. I know you said you wanted to sign up, but I don’t think so at all. But I think if there was a school that he enrolled in, it would be Jackson State. “

Boosie’s attempt at a college degree after missing out on life and a rap career follows a growing trend in the culture. Boosie’s desire to expand her knowledge comes eight years after obtaining her GED at Angola State Prison. Her decision to complete her high school stemmed from her desire to be an example to her children and to make their mother proud.

“You all love my stinky drawers, and I love them too. And I just wanted to tell everyone that they have always supported me, and it is a big secret that I was not going to let out, but I am enrolling at Jackson State next semester. “Boosie said in this video recorder of Deion Sanders Jr, a current student in JSU.


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