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Criticism of England boss Gareth Southgate was ‘very harsh’: Jack Grealish


According to Jack Grealish, England boss Gareth Southgate’s critics were “very harsh” this summer.

England lost all four of their Nations League games in June, including losses to Hungary by scores of 1-0 and 4-0.

However, Southgate guided England to their first European Championship final in 2021 and the 2018 World Cup semifinals.

“I felt that was harsh, but if you’re English, sometimes that’s what you get. I’ve experienced enough, “Grealish remarked, a winger for Manchester City.

“We reached the [Euro 2020] final last year – then [there was] the [loss to] Hungary at the start of the previous camp, but before that the last time we had lost a game over 90 minutes was Belgium in November 2020,” the statement said.

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After the previous league season, England drew with Italy and Germany before and after Hungary’s failures in international competition.

Debbie Hewitt, the chairwoman of the Football Association, emphasized that Southgate had the organization’s support after the four games.

Grealish made his remarks ahead of England’s last two Nations League matches before the 2022 World Cup, which are on Friday against Italy and the following day’s match against Germany.

The offensive midfielder, who City acquired £100 million from Aston Villa, also addressed comments made by club teammate Kevin de Bruyne who said that the media is harsher on English players.

I can understand a little bit of where he’s coming from, Grealish added.

“But I believe that’s how things are in this nation, particularly if you’re like me and play for one of the top teams in the world that consistently wins championships.

“People will naturally want to talk to me when they see the price tag on my head. But, said, I need to [get on with it.

I keep coming back to it and saying to embrace it and accept it as part of life, but I can somewhat see where he’s coming from.


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