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How to correct an incorrect Career Profile in Overwatch 2


Correct an incorrect Career Profile in Overwatch 2: Statistics dominate the world of Overwatch 2. People who spend a lot of time playing the game tend to concern with the numerous numbers associated with their career profile and the values they adhere to.

Unfortunately, people find their statistics seriously messed up in the early stages of Overwatch 2’s debut, giving them blatantly wrong figures.

Here’s how to correct an incorrect Career Profile in Overwatch 2.

mistake in the Overwatch 2 career profile

Unfortunately, because Blizzard’s servers manage your Career Profile and its statistics, there isn’t much you can do to remedy it other than wait for Blizzard to put a patch through. As a result, some players’ stats aren’t correct, and they are aware of this and other problems with the game.

It not unexpect that specific statistics are off and will address over time, given all the other server concerns with account merging. However, that is not sufficient for the time being.

If you don’t want to connect back to their servers, it says to quit Overwatch 2 and start the game again. Make sure is completely shut down on a PC before restarting it, and check Task Manager to ensure it isn’t running. On consoles, restart the software after completely closing it.

Verifying that your Overwatch 2 app completely update is another potential cure. Although it shouldn’t happen, check to ensure you are using the most recent version of the game since it shouldn’t allow you in with an earlier version.

Sadly, that is pretty much all we can suggest right now for your career profile. However, the problem widely recognize, as already said, and will hopefully resolve as soon as possible.


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