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How to configure Overwatch 2’s SMS Protect?


Configure Overwatch 2’s SMS Protect: With the introduction of Overwatch 2, new efforts and regulations are being implemented to fight toxicity and different vulnerabilities that persisted throughout the whole previous game’s lifespan.

Blizzard has pledged to gamers that they would do all in their power to combat anyone who would want to ruin their experience by launching the Defense Matrix project.

With these new procedures in place, before you can play Overwatch 2, you must add a legitimate phone number to your account. Here’s how you configure Overwatch 2’s SMS Protect.

How to configure Overwatch 2’s SMS Protect?

Notification: You no longer need to register for SMS Protect to play Overwatch 2 if you utilized a account between June 9, 2021, and October 4, 2022. However, any new versions created after this date must make.

Go to the account page and login in using the account you’ll be using for Overwatch 2 to configure SMS Protect. To add a phone number, click on Account Details and scroll down.

When you enter your phone number, a code will give to your phone as a text message that you must enter on the website to confirm that it is your number. Then, you are ready to start if you entered the code correctly.

When deploying SMS Protect, there are a few things to remember. To begin with, a phone number can only link to one account. This is an effort to prevent the formation of smurf accounts that pair highly competent players with a less severe audience.

Additionally, you cannot register with your account using certain pre-paid phone lines or VOIP.

Unfortunately, those who depend on pre-paid numbers must either utilize a family member’s contract-based phone or switch to a regular plan to access Overwatch 2.

This security measure prevents cheaters and smurf accounts from quickly changing their phone numbers, entering the game again, and ruining it for everyone else.


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