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How to complete The Price of Fame in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Complete The Price of Fame in Disney Dreamlight Valley: One of the most known and iconic characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Remy from Ratatouille. As one of the Valley’s top chefs, he has a restaurant named Chez Remy set up to offer the locals a variety of delectable cuisine.

However, as Remy runs the eatery alone, he will ultimately seek you for assistance with one of his missions, The Price of Fame.

Complete The Price of Fame in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Price of Fame mission cannot access unless Remy’s friendship level raise to 7. When you do, Remy will instruct you to don a chef’s suit he has given before the last task may begin.

When you return to Remy after donning the clothing, he will ask you to assist him by delivering three separate restaurant orders.

Although waiting for a customer’s order isn’t the most challenging activity in the game, it isn’t easy since not many inhabitants use the restaurant, and they all arrive at different times.

The cycle continues, and you will have to wait and watch once more if you are late for a particular client.

However, we have discovered a more straightforward and faster solution to complete this quest without waiting for a whole day. Your system’s time setting determines the time in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Thus if it’s now 9 p.m. on your clock, it will probably be nightfall in the Valley.

If you adjust your system’s clock to 2 p.m. and restart the game, Mickey and Donald will be waiting at Chez Remy since two special guests visit Remy’s restaurant.

You will need to change the date on your system and restart the game if you want them to come back with different orders. However, it’s crucial to remember that they cannot be served on that day again after you’ve given them their orders for it.


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