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How to communicate with Fortnite’s NPCs


Communicate with Fortnite’s NPCs: In Fortnite, you can hire a variety of NPCs that are made to support you throughout the game. For example, you may utilize NPCs as an additional gun in a gunfight, which might overwhelm a squad or serve as a diversion.

However, kids often act independently and even roam. So now you can guide them to utilize them more effectively. Here’s how to give orders to the Fortnite NPCs you employ.

Communicate with Fortnite’s NPCs

Before you may issue commands, you must employ an NPC. NPCs spread all around the island, and when you interact with them, some will offer you the chance to use them.

To get their assistance, you must first pay 100 gold bars. Then, the person you hired will follow you and support you. The blue arrow on your mini-map will indicate them.

For those using a mouse and keyboard, holding the middle mouse button after hiring your NPC will display your follower commands. It is the same button you press to say your squad commands while using a controller and is located to the left of your directional pad.

Again, there are just four options available, but you may instruct the hired character where to go, wait where they are, follow you, or decide to fire them.

These instructions are an excellent method to offer your NPC a little guidance and may even let you use them as a decoy to draw in other players.

It’s a bit of an addition to Fortnite in Chapter 3, Season 4, but it works to give the NPC hiring system more nuance. Typically, these characters wander about aimlessly, and some players feel that revealing their whereabouts to other players causes more problems than it’s worth.


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