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China welcomes Russia’s willingness to discuss Ukraine


China welcomes Russia’s willingness to discuss Ukraine: On Friday, the Chinese foreign ministry said that Russia had informed China it was willing to discuss the eastern European crisis with the US and Ukraine.

On Thursday, Wang Yi and Sergei Lavrov discussed Ukraine, according to Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin.

“It hope that all parties involved would speed up diplomatic efforts and support the softening and even resolution of the situation as soon as feasible via talk and other political channels,” Wang quoted the two ministers. Beijing appreciates Moscow’s openness.

The two ministers also discussed the “issue of not allowing the use of weapons of mass destruction,” and China “…believes that further escalation of the situation should avoid to prevent a humanitarian tragedy,” according to spokesperson Wang.

Lavrov thanked Minister Wang for China’s support of Russia’s Ukraine solution.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started on February 24, Beijing hasn’t spoken out against it or talked about it.

Instead, it has attributed the cause of the conflict in Ukraine to the United States and NATO.

In a statement released by the Chinese foreign ministry, Minister Wang promised Moscow that China would help “strongly” to “further strengthen” Russia’s position as the world’s central power.

Wang told Lavrov, “China will also help Russia unite and lead the Russian people to face challenges, stop interference. Reach strategic goals, and further strengthen Russia’s role as a major force on the international stage.”

Wang said efforts to stop Beijing and Moscow from getting ahead “doomed to fail.”

This month’s White House “National Security Strategy” mentions China and Russia as threats.

According to the zeitgeist, China and Russia have the right to expand and recover. Wang, a state councilor and Politburo member, warns any effort to halt China and Russia would fail.

Wang said the two countries will “deepen ties at all levels” to “bring more stability to the world facing turbulence.”


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