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China Covid bus crash kills 27 and injures 20


China Covid bus crash kills 27 and injures 20: In China, a bus taking passengers to a COVID-19 quarantine facility collapsed, killing all 27 people on board.
In Guizhou, a region in southwest China, the bus crashed on a highway. Twenty more victims suffered injuries.

Those who oppose Beijing’s “zero-COVID” policy expressed their rage online in response to the disaster.
Mass testing and tracking are part of the policy.

Those who test positive and their immediate family members must isolate themselves at home or in a quarantine center.
Only a few incidents may trigger a city-wide shutdown.

The reason for the collision is unknown at this time. However, it happened on Sunday morning early.
One well-liked comment on the social media app WeChat stated, “All of us are on that bus.”

When will this all end, a commenter questioned.

The only major economy still placing more importance on the war against the virus than nearly anything else in China, while the rest of the globe is attempting to adapt to living with Covid.

Infection rates have recently increased in Guizhou. On Saturday, the province reported 712 new cases, roughly 70% of China’s total.

The event occurred before the Communist Party’s next five-yearly convention in October. Expected discussion topics include the COVID policy.

Every three days, more than 21 million citizens of Beijing must line up for PCR testing to enter public facilities, including corner stores.


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