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Changes to Britain’s immigration regulations might help Indians


Changes to Britain’s immigration regulations might help Indians: To strengthen the UK’s economy in the face of dire recession predictions and warnings, newly elected British Prime Minister Liz Truss intends to relax immigration regulations in the nation.

In addition, according to the Guardian, Liz Truss anticipate to broaden the list of shortage occupations to assist firms in filling positions, which will help the UK manage its labor shortfall.

The decision might benefit immigrants from several nations, including India since the UK government would consider hiring foreign employees to fill open positions.

As labor shortages continue to deteriorate across sectors, Liz Truss has dealing with industry requests for additional migrant workers to grant visas to enter the UK, according to a Guardian story.

The visa application procedure has had the most damaging effects on businesses, notably in the hotel industry. However, according to The Sun, the UK government may abolish the visa restriction and extend the six-month limit, significantly liberalizing the pathways for foreign employees to enter the country.

Liz Truss had pledged to address the labor shortages that Britain has been experiencing after Brexit during her election campaign. But unfortunately, the epidemic made the issue worse.

Later this year, according to sources, the Liz Truss administration will begin implementing its proposal for immigration reform.


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