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Does Castle Crashers allow cross-platform play?


Castle Crashers allow cross-platform play: The 2D hack-and-slash adventure game Castle Crashers make by the independent game company The Behemoth. Since it came out in 2008, this crazy story about courage has fixed up and released on newer systems.

In all of its versions, both reviewers and casual players have praised the game’s story and the way it looks.

Even though Castle Crashers’ narrative mode may play alone, multiplayer is what keeps players coming back for more. When you play it with others, the game’s entertaining gameplay and engaging plot become more robust.

Would you still be able to play the game with friends on other platforms, given that it is now accessible on a number of them?

Does Castle Crashers support cross-platform play?

Unfortunately, none of the game versions of Castle Crashers currently support cross-platform play. So, people who play Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation can only play with others in their community.

So if you want to play as a group to save princesses and crash castles, you’ll need to find others using the same system.

Despite describe as cross-platform multiplayer on the game’s Steam website, this solely applies to its capacity for a co-op option for Mac and PC players.

The game’s developer, Behemoth, has also confirmed that they do not intend to add cross-platform play to the title. It is understood that crossplay integration is not a priority for an independent company like The Behemoth, given how expensive and time-consuming it is to make the feature above accessible and how close Castle Crashers is getting to its 15th anniversary of release.

Crossplay connectivity also needs a sizable player population, which is a must, but the game’s present obscurity hardly justifies its inclusion.


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