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Cardi B Shares STD Test Results Before Lawsuit


Cardi B Shares STD Test Results Before Lawsuit.

In the ongoing lawsuit filed against Youtuber Tasha K over her offensive comments, Cardi says Tasha’s attorneys requested medical records, but the judge rejected the requests.

It all began with Tasha K, a Youtuber who claimed that Cardi was cheating with her husband. He also said that Cardi was a prostitute and had contracted HPV and herpes.

Judge Ray directed the University of California Los Angeles Center for Women’s Pelvic Health to submit to him any medical records “related to herpes and HPV tests only.”

The “Bodak Yellow” singer’s reports provide actual proof. However, the lawyer for Cardi has told Rolling Stone that Cardi does not suffer from HPV or herpes and that these claims are false and false.

Cardi earlier clarified that she would have to disclose all of her medical records to the judge. The records have been given to the judge.

As a response to the report which was published by The Neighborhood Talk, she wrote: “The test results have already been released for three months. However, her lawyer requested all my medical records that the judge denied, only herpes and the HPV will be for trial.” in response to the request by the judge.

Tasha K’s attorney also wrote an email in Rolling Stone saying they have no comments regarding the plaintiff’s medical report request.

They are still working on the jury trials, and Kebe hopes to resolve the issue.

Cardi declares that she would like to prove publicly she is the one to prove that Tasha K is lying about her all the time.

She’s willing to do anything to show that. Take a look at this article with Cardi’s comments below.


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