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How to capture Morelull in Pokémon GO


Capture Morelull in Pokémon GO: The Pokémon Go version of Morelull will release during the Festival of Lights 2022 celebration. You will be able to meet the grass and fairy-type Pokémon in many areas, giving you countless opportunities to add these Pokémon to your collection.

You can ultimately develop it into Shiinotic if you capture enough of them to get additional Morelull candies. What you need to know about catching Morelull in Pokémon Go is provided here.

Morelull locations in Pokémon Go

While playing Pokémon Go, Morelull may be located in several places. Therefore, investigating the outdoors is the best strategy for finding this Pokémon.

During the Festival of Lights event in 2022, Morelull will be seen worldwide. It is a Pokémon of grass and fairy types. Therefore, parks and places with plenty of trees are ideal places to look for them.

Suppose you’re searching for additional opportunities to add Morelull to your collection. In that case, Morelull will also be a Pokémon encounter for completing particular field research objectives during the Festival of Lights 2022 event.

The one you’re seeking will need you to catch 15 Pokémon. You will know that you can capture Morelull at the conclusion if you see this challenge after spinning a PokéStop or a Gym.

Morelull will also show up in raids with one star as an alternative. You’ll need a raid pass if you want to fight this Pokémon.

Given that Morelull is a one-star raid, most trainers should anticipate being able to beat it without assistance from another player. So, even though Morelull will be more likely to appear in the wild, this is not the way to go if you want to get it before the event ends on October 17.

After the Festival of Lights 2022 event, Morelull will have the opportunity to show up in the wild during the Season of Lights and at future Niantic events.


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