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Canadian PM calls truckers protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandate an ‘occupation’


Canadian PM calls truckers protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandate an ‘occupation’.

The premier of the Canadian province of Ontario denounced truckers protesting COVID-19 vaccination mandates and other coronavirus protocols, calling it an “occupation” and demanding that it end.

“It is no longer a protest. It has become an occupation,” Ontario Premier Doug Ford said. according to the associated press. “It’s time for this to end.”

Among the coronavirus protocols that Canadian truckers are protesting is the requirement that those who are not vaccinated be tested for COVID-19 and self-quarantine after cross-border travel from the US.

Protesters against the virus protocol staged a march to Canada’s capital Ottawa, which last weekend saw thousands of protesters, the AP noted. More than 1,000 protesters are expected to return on foot to Capitol Hill this weekend, along with an additional 300 to 400 trucks.

Other protests are expected in Quebec City and Toronto.

Other lawmakers have denounced what has been called a “freedom truck convoy.”

“I wholeheartedly and unreservedly deplore and denounce what is happening in Ottawa with the so-called Freedom Convoy right now. Let me be clear: If you wrap or wave a Nazi or Confederate flag, you are declaring yourself to be a person who embraces hate, bigotry and racism,” Senator Dennis Patterson said in a statement, according to AP.

However, some in the US have expressed support for the truckers, including former president Donald Trump, Ohio Republican Bernie Moreno suspends Senate campaign RNC committee advances resolution to censure Cheney, Kinzinger New revelations increase pressure on Barr to testify Jan. 6 MORE and CEO of Tesla Elon MuskElon Reeve Musk Why is Putin so confident these days? Federal Officials Review “Ghost Brake” Complaints From Tesla Drivers Cryptocurrency Volatility Hits Banks, Celebrities, And Everyday Investors MOREwho said “Canadian truckers rule.”

“We want those great Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way,” Trump he said at a rally in Texas late last month, according to CTV News.

Canada hasn’t been the only country dealing with pandemic protests: Numerous European nations, like France, have experienced citywide efforts to end coronavirus restrictions and health passes, with some arguing it’s a violation of their personal freedoms.


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