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Canada’s Justin Trudeau meets Hindus during Navaratri


Canada’s Justin Trudeau meets Hindus during Navaratri: On the first day of the Navaratri festival, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, welcomed the community of Hindus. “Tonight, Hindu communities across Canada and throughout the globe will join together and celebrate the beginning of Navratri,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a statement on Monday.

Navratri, observed over nine nights and ten days, honors the goddess Durga’s victory over evil. Navratri is one of the most significant holidays in the Hindu religion and often seen as a celebration of women’s emancipation.

Family and friends will gather to celebrate this momentous event by praying, dancing, and adhering to numerous customs that have handed down through the generations.

The Prime Minister of Canada extended an invitation to all citizens to learn more about the flourishing Hindu community in Canada and to acknowledge the significant contributions it has made to our nation’s social, cultural, and economic fabric.

Diversity, he added in the statement, “is one of Canada’s greatest assets and has helped us develop a better, fairer, and more inclusive society for everyone.”

“Sophie and I send our warmest greetings to everyone celebrating Navratri on behalf of the Government of Canada.”


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