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California serial murderer accused with 3 killings


California serial murderer accused with 3 killings: According to sources, authorities in California accused a suspected serial killer on Tuesday of killing three men in a series of killings that stunned the neighborhood.

Wesley Brownlee, a truck driver, detain on suspicion of murdering six men and injuring a woman during the previous 18 months on Saturday in Stockton, a city about 80 miles east of San Francisco.

When Brownlee apprehended, police claimed he could have looking for another victim.

According to district attorney Tori Verber Salazar, further charges will likely bring about the other deaths Brownlee accuse of committing.

Salazar said, “We’re waiting for further evidence to process, which will probably… provide us the option to add those extra charges.

We’ve just been doing this for four days, she said.

Between July 8 and September 27, five men murdered in a particular neighborhood in Stockton, and the killings had several characteristics.

About 50 miles away in Oakland, another guy was slain the previous year.

Additionally, one lady lived through a gunshot that Brownlee allegedly committed.

The ages of the fatalities varied from 21 to 54.

Investigators, including the FBI, attempt to put together a plausible motivation and locate any additional murder cases that could connect.

According to authorities, many of the victims were homeless, and the late-night or early-morning killings were all connected by ballistics.

According to Salazar, Brownlee, who relocated to Stockton last summer, has a criminal history, including felony drug-related convictions.


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