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Brad Friedel sends a clear message to new Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard


Brad Friedel sends a clear message to new Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard.

Brad Friedel has urged Steven Gerrard not to address Aston Villa’s job as a stepping stone to becoming Liverpool’s manager in the future.

Gerrard joined Villa on a long-term deal on Thursday, just days after the Midlands club fired former boss Dean Smith after a five-game losing streak in the Premier on the rebound to leave them reeling in 16th place in the board.

Many people believe that the former England midfielder has joined the club for a better chance of becoming the manager of his beloved Liverpool, for whom he played 504 times over a 17-year stint on Merseyside.

However, former Premier League goalkeeper Friedel believes that Villa, under Gerrard, could become a superior team in his own right.

“I don’t think it’s correct to think of Aston Villa as a springboard as such. Right now where the two clubs sit you can consider it a stepping stone, however, Villa has resources. Villa has an amazing stadium. Villa has an incredible following, ‘he told Genting Casino.

If Stevie can solidify himself and bring in some really good signings and get the property to back him up, he has a club the size of Villa that can rival the biggest teams in the Premier League once financially backed.

“Historically Liverpool is the biggest club, but you can’t take anything away from Aston Villa. Aston Villa is a huge club.

Aston Villa could be one of the great clubs. I said to myself when they were relegated, ‘there’s no way Villa has ever gone down, they have too much going for them,’ but they did.

Would Stevie ever want to lead his beloved Liverpool? Of course, I would, but you can’t say that Villa is a stepping stone because they are so much bigger than that.

“He needs to solidify the club’s position in the Premier League this season and put them in the middle of the table.” Then do it next season.

Take out the players you don’t like, bring in the players you want, and then go far from being able to take them. If owners can see progress, they have the resources to back it up.

All you need to do is look at Leicester. Could you build something really competitive? Absolutely.

‘The club is waiting for him. The club is very well positioned for it and I hope, on a personal level, that someone like Stevie can take them there.

“It would be extraordinary because he is an exceptional soccer player and a very good person to take charge of the club. When I heard the news of being a former Villa player and a former Liverpool player and meeting Stevie, I loved it.”


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