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Bomb blast at a Kabul mosque kills 4 and injures around 20


Bomb blast at a Kabul mosque kills 4 and injures around 20: A mosque within a government compound in Kabul, Afghanistan, was struck by a giant explosion on Wednesday, leaving four people dead and more than 20 others wounded.

According to local media, the explosion happened within the Kabul facility housing the Interior Ministry. A suicide attack in a Kabul school a few days before claiming the lives of 53 persons, 46 of them were women.

The horrific explosion wounded over 100 individuals. According to the AP, the Taliban acknowledged that a bomb went off in a Kabul mosque belonging to a government ministry while officials and guests were praying.

An official from the Ministry of the Interior has confirmed four fatalities. The explosion, which occurred close to the ministry, reportedly injured 25 people.

A tweet from an emergency NGO said that thus far, it has received 20 patients, of whom two have already pronounced dead.

“The operating rooms are operational, and mass casualty protocols have initiated. Twenty individuals have come thus far. Unfortunately, the figure can go up again in the coming hours.

Acting Country Director for Afghanistan, Dejan Panic, stated.

These explosions occur as the Taliban, who overthrew the US-backed civilian government in Afghanistan last year, have been in power for a whole year. Rights organizations said that the Taliban had repeatedly breached their promises to uphold women’s and human rights.


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