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Biden won’t meet Saudi crown prince at G20 conference


Biden won’t meet Saudi crown prince at G20 conference: According to US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, President Joe Biden has “no intentions” of meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during the G20 conference in Indonesia in November.

Sullivan told CNN that Biden “has no plans to meet with the crown prince at the G20 conference.” He also said that Riyadh’s support for oil output limits had worsened things between the US and Saudi Arabia, which were already tense.

The proposed cuts have upset people in Washington, and on Tuesday, Vice President Biden warned that there could be “consequences.”

The decision made last week by OPEC+, which consists of the OPEC cartel led by Riyadh and the second group of 10 exporters led by Russia, will result in a reduction in world production of up to two million barrels per day starting in November.

It may cause energy costs to spike as American voters get ready to cast their votes in the next midterm elections amid an energy crisis brought on by the conflict in Ukraine.

According to the White House, the reduction would increase Moscow’s income and weaken sanctions put in place due to its invasion of Ukraine. The White House accused OPEC+ of “aligning with Russia.”

According to Saudi authorities, the decision solely driven by economics and not politics.


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