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Biden will act ‘methodically’ in re-evaluating Saudi ties over oil output cuts


White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan said on Sunday that US President Joe Biden would go “methodically” in determining how to react to Saudi Arabia’s reduction in oil production. Still, those choices include modifying US security support.

As Mr. Biden reassesses the US-Saudi partnership, Mr. Sullivan said on CNN that no changes are forthcoming.

“The president won’t act hastily as a result. In order to confer with members of both parties and to have a chance for Congress to reconvene so that he can sit down with them in person and go through the possibilities, he will operate gradually, deliberately, and with patience “said Mr. Sullivan.

Mr. Biden threatened to inflict “consequences” on Saudi Arabia for siding with Russia in favor of the production curbs last week, a day after OPEC+ oil producers announced them over US objections. The action by OPEC+ undercuts Western nations’ intentions to control the price of Russian oil shipments in retaliation for Moscow’s conflict in Ukraine.

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Following the OPEC+ decision, US Senator Bob Menendez, a Democrat who serves as head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called for a stop to most US weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.

Options for Mr. Biden “I won’t get ahead of the president, but adjustments to our strategy for providing Saudi Arabia with security support should be considered. I’ll just say there’s nothing pressing “There was still time for Mr. Biden to engage with Congress, Mr. Sullivan added.

When the G20 leaders gathered in November in Indonesia, Mr. Sullivan said that Mr. Biden had no plans to meet with Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

When asked whether Mr. Biden would consider the use of a small tactical nuclear weapon by Russia or the detonation of one in the Black Sea to be less severe than a giant bomb, Mr. Sullivan said that making such distinctions was “hazardous” and the president would not.

“The use of a nuclear bomb on Ukrainian soil is the same as the use of a nuclear weapon anywhere. We won’t cut the salami into slices “Sullivan said.

To “send a very clear and unequivocal message to Russia that they should not consider the use of nuclear weapons in this battle,” he added, “it is incumbent upon NATO partners and other responsible nations, including China and India.”


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