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Biden: US has a strategy Putin goes nuclear in Ukraine


US has a strategy Putin goes nuclear in Ukraine: According to President Joe Biden, if Russian President Vladimir Putin deploys a nuclear bomb in Ukraine, the US has prepared answers.

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, when asked whether he had ordered the military department to develop contingencies, Biden said, “The Pentagon didn’t have to ask.”

Because discussing what would or wouldn’t do would be irresponsible, the president chose not to go into more detail.

At a campaign event last week, Biden voiced worry that Putin may push things further, warning that if he deployed nuclear weapons.

The world risked “the specter of Armageddon.” However, US officials subsequently said there is no evidence of Russia plotting an atomic assault.

On Tuesday, Biden said that Putin was the target of his remarks and didn’t believe the Russian president would ever use a nuclear bomb.

“I doubt he’ll do it. but I believe that discussing it publicly is reckless,” he remarked. “Who knows what would happen after you deploy a nuclear bomb, the errors that may make, the miscalculations?”

Additionally, Biden said last week that the US is looking for a way for Putin to “off-ramp” the crisis. He indicated Putin might give up on his efforts in Ukraine on Tuesday.

“I’m unsure about his thoughts. But he could go. According to Biden, he could depart and presumably maintain his job in Russia.

Biden made his statements after a devastating Russian missile attack on Kyiv and neighboring places on Monday.

After Russia’s actions to intensify the crisis, Biden and his colleagues are under pressure to deliver Ukraine advanced weaponry.

After speaking with Biden on Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that air defenses were his top concern. The US President responded by offering to deliver “advanced” technology to satisfy those demands.

On Tuesday, Zelenskyy and the Group of Seven major industrialized countries spoke urgently to plan their reaction to the Russian assaults. In a statement, the allies promised to stand behind Ukraine “for as long as it takes.”

On Tuesday, the president characterized Putin as a “rational actor” who “seriously misjudged” when he decided to invade.

However, the president described the Russian leader’s invasion choice as unreasonable elsewhere in the interview.

“He discussed the concept that he was required to be the Russian leader who brought together all Russian speakers. In the interview, Biden said, “I think it’s crazy.

He said, “I believe he simply absolutely misjudged,” saying that Putin “felt he was going to be received with open arms, that this was the home of Mother Russia in Kyiv, and that was where he was going to be welcomed.”


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