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Biden says Putin is ‘not going to scare us’


President Joe Biden said that the Western alliance would defend “every inch” of its land if attacked, saying that the United States and NATO would not be frightened by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In comments delivered at the White House, Obama said, “America and her friends are not going to be bullied.” “Not going to frighten us,” is Putin.

After that, Biden addressed the head of the Kremlin directly, pointing his finger at the camera and issuing a warning against any assault going beyond Ukraine and into NATO territory.

He said that America and its NATO partners were ready to protect every square inch of their shared land. Please don’t mistake me, Mr. Putin: I’m saying every inch.

While the Western-armed Ukrainian military continues to fight to retake control in those districts, Biden spoke just after Putin presided over a ceremony in Moscow to announce that Russia had seized four additional regions of Ukraine.

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Putin and many of his allies have argued that now that Russia has annexed a portion of Ukraine, the Kremlin may lawfully use nuclear weapons to protect what it claims to be its territory.

While criticizing the “reckless remarks and threats” of his Russian counterpart, Biden characterized Friday’s event as a “sham ritual that he put on” to seem strong, instead revealing that “he’s suffering.”

Shortly after, Biden’s senior national security adviser said that while Putin may use nuclear weapons, it doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon.

Given Putin’s recent loose language and nuclear saber rattling, there is a chance that he would consider this, and we have been equally explicit about the repercussions, according to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

“At this time, there are no signs that nuclear weapons will be used soon.”

Sullivan emphasized that Washington was speaking “directly with Russia about the type of forceful reaction the United States would take” in secret but still.

More supplies for Ukraine

Since Putin began the invasion of Ukraine in February, the United States has straddled a precarious line by providing Kyiv with increasing military assistance but avoiding direct involvement while also watching out for any possible spillover.

Sullivan said that the US soldiers stationed in Europe had received several reinforcements and that they were prepared in case Russia exacerbated the situation.

According to Sullivan, “We believe we now have the capability to react to any scenario.”

Washington is keeping up the pace of additional ammunition and weapon delivery as the Ukrainian army gains ground against the Russian invaders in the east.

Sullivan informed reporters that “another announcement of immediate security assistance to announce next week.” The US government had also just committed to providing Ukraine with weapons over extended periods. It includes 18 new Himars multiple rocket systems that must first be produced.

A new national budget plan that contains $12.3 billion more in military assistance for Ukraine was passed by Congress on Friday.

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In a statement, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that “this additional grant assistance is a further expression of US confidence in Ukraine and will support key government activities and give relief to Ukrainian people suffering under Russia’s terrible conflict.”

Meanwhile, Biden followed other Western leaders in calling the inexplicable explosion at the significant Nord Stream natural gas subsea pipeline from Russia to western Europe “a premeditated act of sabotage.”

He remained mum on the country’s suspected attacker but called Russian claims that the US was complicit in the strike “disinformation and falsehoods.”

He told reporters, “We’ll work with our friends to get to the bottom (of) absolutely, precisely what occurred.

The United States is already working with partners to “improve the safety of this key infrastructure,” Biden said, adding that “at the proper time, when things settle down, we’re going to be sending divers down to discover out precisely what occurred.”


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