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Biden Criticise Russia’s ‘shameless violation’ and urges world to stand with Ukraine


President Joe Biden blasted Russian President Vladimir Putin for Russia’s assault on Ukraine at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday (local time) (UNGA).

In his UNGA speech, he said that Russia had invaded its neighbor and that Moscow had “shamelessly violated” the fundamental principles of the UN charter.

In a “very major breach of the UN charter,” the US president accuses Vladimir Putin of trying to “wipe a sovereign state off the map” by organizing “fake” referendums in regions of Ukraine that are now under its control.

Putin maintains that he had to take action because Russia was in danger. But Biden countered that neither Russia nor anybody else was interested in a fight.

In addition to calling up additional troops to combat and attempting to conquer areas of Ukraine, he claimed that Putin had issued nuclear threats to Europe.

Biden said, “The world should recognize the abhorrent deeds for what they are.

In addition to calling up additional troops to fight and attempting to conquer areas of Ukraine, Biden said that Putin had made nuclear threats against Europe.

He urged that heinous deeds should be expose to the world for what they are.

“War chosen by one guy (Russian President Vladimir Putin) to be absolutely direct,” he stated, blaming Putin for the Ukrainian issue.

The US President told those at the UNGA that the goal of Russia’s conflict is to “plain and simply” annihilate Ukraine’s right to “exist as a state, as a nation.” He then claimed that this should “heat your blood.”

“Ukraine is entitle to the same freedoms as any other independent state. Without question, we will support Ukraine and oppose Russian aggression. Putin said, and I quote, “Ukraine was establishe by Russia” and never had quote “true statehood” until before he invaded,” stated the US President.

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A mass burial recently discovered in Izyum that he said “showed symptoms of torture” also caused him anxiety. And now we are seeing strikes on hospitals, train stations, and schools—more horrible proof of Russia’s war crimes.

“It should make your blood run cold no matter who you are, where you live, or what you believe. So 141 countries gathered at the General Assembly to vehemently denounce Russia’s aggression on Ukraine for this reason, Biden said.

He continued by saying that “huge amounts of security assistance, humanitarian aid, and direct economic help” had been directly organize by the US for Ukraine.

The US President said, “On conditions we all signed up for, that you cannot grab a nation’s land by choosing,” stating that America wants the conflict to finish on “fair terms”

Russia is the only nation preventing that, he said.

To be “clear, forceful, and unshakable in our determination,” he encouraged UN members.

Additionally, Biden opposed the expansion of boundaries by murder and the use of violence and conflict to subjugate other countries.

He emphasized upholding the fundamentals of freedom of navigation, defending the sovereign rights of smaller countries as equal to those of bigger ones, and upholding international law as the foundation upon which UN member states must stand.

Additionally, he said that “no nation can utilize energy as a weapon.”

According to the US President, the US is collaborating with other nations to safeguard nations “against coercion or dominance, and ensuring that no government may use energy as a weapon.”

He also said that the US is urging major international creditors to “transparently discuss debt forgiveness” to “prevent bigger economic and political catastrophes throughout the globe.”

He said that a nuclear war is unwinnable while discussing it. “A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be wage,” said Vice President Biden in a call for all countries to reaffirm their commitment to bolstering the nuclear non-proliferation system via diplomacy.

The United States is prepare to pursue crucial weapons control measures, he said, regardless of what else is going on around the globe.

He said that since “Russia spurned the non-proliferation principles adopted by every other country,” the conflict had brought about “disturbing” tendencies.

He emphasized that Russia is making reckless nuclear-use threats.

Biden began his speech at the UNGA by outlining some of the issues that nations all across the globe are now confronting, such as food shortages, armed conflict, and natural catastrophes.

The US President stated that “in the last year our world has experienced great upheaval” due to the “brutal needless war (Russia-Ukraine war), inflation, COVID-19, record heat, floods, and droughts, as well as the growing crisis of food insecurity.”


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