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Australian TV presenters fail to recognize UK PM Liz Truss at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral


On Monday, an Australian television channel failed to recognize British Prime Minister Liz Truss when she arrived at Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth II’s burial.

While Channel 9 was reporting the burial, attended by presidents and prime ministers from around the world, an error occurred.

Australian TV hosts Tracy Grimshaw and Peter Overton had trouble figuring out who they were looking at when they were told that a “large motorcade” approaching Westminster Abbey during the program.

‘Who’s this?’ When Hugh O’Leary and Ms. Truss came, Ms. Grimshaw enquired. “Hard to tell, perhaps minor Royals. No, I can’t place them “Overton said.

Then, Ms. Grimshaw said, “Unfortunately, not everyone can be seen. It’s difficult to tell, but they seem to be local dignitaries.”

The two then seemed to realize their error, as Mr. Overton revealed to the audience that the mystery visitor was UK Prime Minister Liz Truss after a little pause.

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He continue, “I’m just informed it was Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister, jumping out of that vehicle in the distance.

Internet users instantly noticed this on-air error and responded with humor.

For example, one user complained about Australian funeral commentators referring to Liz Truss and her husband as “small royals” because they were unaware of their status.

Another person remarked, “Australian media doing their best with maybe minor royals’ or ‘local dignitaries’ to identify Liz Truss as she entered Westminster gave me an unneeded giggle.”

Third added, “It was very awkward when Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw didn’t know who Liz Truss, the new British Prime Minister, is during the live broadcast of the Queen’s burial.”

On September 6, two days before Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, Liz Truss appoint prime minister of the United Kingdom.

After a leadership fight that lasted all summer, she took Boris Johson’s seat.


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