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Ashlee Malleo regrets saying her husband was ‘a bitch who looked broke’


Ashlee Malleo regrets saying her husband was ‘a bitch who looked broke’.

Ashlee Holmes Malleo admitted that she regrets saying that her husband, Pete Malleo, from whom she split, was “a whore who looked like a broken whore” in a heated Instagram comment this week.

Ashlee, the daughter of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” alumnus Jacqueline Laurita, took to Instagram Thursday to apologize for hitting Pete in the middle of a controversial breakup fight.

“There is so much I have to say. First of all, that Pete did NOT cheat. ” she started a long statement, then added, “Regardless of the emotional roller coaster that is a divorce ride, Pete and I will ALWAYS be partners in life.”

Ashlee and Pete, who tied the knot in August 2018 but confirmed their separation this month, share their 5-year-old son, Cameron.

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“I will always support Pete and cheer him on,” continued the mother of one. “Your success is our son’s success. We will ALWAYS be a family. We will ALWAYS be there for each other. Nothing and no one could break that. Period.”

Ashlee’s regretful message comes days after she hinted that Pete had cheated on her in her response to an Instagram user who simply asked if the couple planned to have another baby.

“My husband is busy fucking a bitch who looks broke,” she wrote.

Ashlee wrote Thursday that her comment was “embarrassing to everyone involved.”

“I felt hurt and my anger came from the fact that, although separated, it has only been 3 months since we broke up,” she explained. “We were together for YEARS and I didn’t understand how I could start dating someone so quickly.”

Ashlee also noted that she and Pete made a pact to communicate with each other about future partners, so not receiving a tip about the woman in question caught her “off guard.”

Although she claimed that the woman’s initial text message exchanges with Pete were “classless,” Ashlee revealed that she has since found that she is getting along with her ex’s new love.

“Since then I have talked to this woman and let me tell you that she is actually very nice,” he wrote. “I feel terrible”.

Ashlee concluded by saying that she owes a “big apology” to Pete and an “even bigger apology to Cat,” the woman she’s presumably in a new relationship with.

“I know this will pass too,” he wrote. “Until then, Pete and I are going to continue to focus on our son’s happiness.”

Pete previously told Page Six that he “never cheated on” Ashlee and said their current romance started after sending the woman a friend request on social media and liking “some pictures” – after his estranged wife received the divorce papers in October.

“Never in my life have I cheated on anyone. I would like to think that I am a good person, ”he explained. “I have explained to Ashlee numerous times that I have no intention of getting back together and that my only concern is that we continue to show unconditional love for our beautiful son.”


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