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How to alter your name in Overwatch 2


Alter your name in Overwatch 2: Players place a lot of value on their names in online games. It serves as a means by which strangers and your friends may identify you.

You may have noticed that your name is shown differently when playing Overwatch 2 than it usually does on your console. This is because other things here are subordinate to your account.

The procedure for doing so in Overwatch 2 is as follows.

How to modify your Overwatch 2 name

Everybody’s names are now shown as what they are known on while playing Overwatch 2, not as your Gamertag on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, or Xbox. Unless you do it for the first time, changing this will cost you a little money.

In light of this, you must first visit the official website and log in using the Overwatch 2 account you use.

Go to Account Settings and choose Account Details while in your account. You will ultimately find a Battletag entry if you continue to scroll down. Choose Purchase Battletag Modification.

Your current location is a brand-new shop page that shows the Battletag update. Select Buy Now and enter your payment information if you are prepared to spend $10 on this.

You may modify your name once the transaction is complete as long as it meets the following requirements:

Between 3 and 12 characters

Although numbers are permitted, they cannot begin with a number.

With no symbols or spaces

adhering to the code of conduct

You may construct your Battletag keeping the aforementioned in mind. Make it anything you wish to be known, as it contains a number notifier at the end and is hence not required to be entirely original.


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