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Alpine win bid to overturn two-time champion’s US GP penalty


Alpine has won their appeal against Fernando Alonso’s penalty in the United States Grand Prix.

After finishing eighth in a damaged vehicle, the two-time world champion was knocked from the points standings.

US GP stewards upheld the Haas team’s objection despite being uploaded after the allowable time limit.

The six points the Spanish driver earned after the race are still with Alonso and Alpine, thanks to the FIA’s judgment being overturned.

This weekend, officials at the Mexican Grand Prix agreed with Alpine’s claim that Haas’ objection should have been lodged in a different amount of time.

Before the race in Mexico City, Alpine expressed gratitude to the FIA stewards for “achieving a satisfactory conclusion.”

To preserve the most significant level of racing spectacle, they said, “We look forward to maintaining our collaborative effort with the FIA.

The squad is already anticipating this weekend’s competition.

Because of the conditions, the race is most likely remembered as one of Alonso’s finest in Formula One history.

He collided at 180 mph with Lance Stroll of the Aston Martin, for which the Canadian received a three-place grid penalty for the race in Mexico on Sunday.

Alonso’s vehicle smacked the barrier after rearing up on its rear wheels and crashing back onto the ground. He rejoined last, with damage to various aerodynamic components on the floor and front wheels, and went back to the pits for a new front wing.

Before Lando Norris of McLaren, who had stopped for new tires on the last lap earlier than Alonso, overtook him, he had gone back up to the sixth position.

Haas lodged its objection 54 minutes after the customary 30-minute cutoff time, despite being informed that they had an hour to do so by the stewards in the US.

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Race officials in Mexico expressed “alarm” that Alonso had been “permitted to stay on track with a mirror assembly hanging loose that eventually came off” despite Alpine’s appeal.

The stewards also suggested that processes be established for monitoring and that “when required,” it is necessary that the issue be fixed as it has in the past.

They stated that this might be accomplished by sending a radio message to the team or raising the black and orange flag, which would “require the vehicle to return to the pits for the fault to be addressed.”

Alonso added, about the FIA’s decision to disqualify him, “There are a few things that are quite evident that were made incorrect from [the FIA’s] perspective, and I am very certain I will be P7 [again]” before the hearing on Thursday.

“We object primarily because it was beyond the deadline.

“The FIA believed [the automobile] was safe since they did not display the black-and-orange flag to me [during the race].

There is no question that this was the wrong choice since the automobile traveled to Parc ferme and passed the inspection before the protest came too late.

Alonso made the following statement on the potential consequences of the appeal denied: “If it is the proper result, 50–60% of individuals will have to retire if they have an aero device is not rectified.

“If 20 minutes are not too late, then is an hour too late or a day too late? How late is too late? That door should not be opened, please.


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